ABS Apparate- und Behälterbau GmbH
Atzendorfer Str. 19
39418 Staßfurt

Tel. 03925 9226-0
Fax 03925 9226-26
E-Mail: info@abs-stassfurt.de

Internet: www.abs-stassfurt.de

Welcome to ABS
Apparate- und Behälterbau GmbH in Staßfurt!

We are a high performance, medium sized enterprise for apparatus, containers and mechanical engineering with approx. 100 employees and trainees. Our company headquarters with approx. 10.000 m² production and assembly area is in 39418 Staßfurt, approx. 30 km south of Magdeburg, directly on the A14 motorway, in the immediate vicinity of the inland ports of the Elbe in Aken and Schönebeck.

We have more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of procedural apparatus, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and storage containers. An important focus of our production is the manufacture of pressure and vacuum autoclaves with quick release fasteners for heat treatment, melting, casting and drying processes. Our range of services hereby reaches from pure job order production right up to delivery and assembly of turn key systems.

ABS Apparate- und Behälterbau GmbH